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Beware of the notepads...

posted Jan 15, 2013, 1:37 PM by Andras Kalmar
... they might be explosive! 

I was picking up three boxes full of paper notebooks which were donated by Michal's company from an office in central Vienna today. Each of them weighed some 15kg so I left two in front of the building on the street and carried the 3rd one to my car, which was parked around the corner.

When I came back to pick up the second box, a guy from the police was warily inspecting the boxes (from a safe distance), obviously suspecting that they could be bombs  :-)

I had to tear open one of the boxes to convince him that it was just paper.

Dear African Hungarian Union (the organization sponsoring the truck which is taking our donations to Africa), I'm sorry about that, I had to rip the box to avoid a major police operation.