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Paperwork etc.

posted Nov 25, 2012, 1:35 PM by Andras Kalmar
The last two weeks were ruled by paperwork: Visa forms, passport photos, car insurance, personal insurance, CB radio and sat phone permits, car tax, donation agreements, and probably a few more which I forgot already.
I hope everything is complete now. We are supposed to receive our visas, permits, and the starting number in a few weeks.

On the equipment side, there are the follwing new items piling up in the trunk of Baby Beast:
  • second spare tyre (still without a rim, Baby Beast's strange rim size is hard to find on ebay)
  • two aluminum sandplates
  • a 12V to 230V converter
  • a tent (we left our tent in Mali last time, I found a cheap new one for 30 Euros, I hope it will be OK for two weeks)
  • a shovel my father donated