Baby Beast

I first saw that Daihatsu Rocky 2.8TD more than a year ago as it was clearing the snow in the streets of my home town.  At the end of winter its owner parked it right in front of my house, where it stood all year long. I saw it every morning and every evening, rusting away and with a spill spreading under the engine.
Built like a truck with a massive frame, leaf springs and part-time four-wheel drive it seemed perfectly suited for our next trip to Africa.  Its box design reminded me of the Beast, our Nissan Patrol of 2011. Only smaller. Much smaller. Baby Beast.

Of course I couldn't resist.

It was a bargain at 500 Euros, the brand new tyres alone were worth more than the price. Later the tyres turned out to be the only parts worth anything, but today, having spent almost 10 times the buying price on repairs, Baby Beast is hopefully well prepared for the biggest adventure of its life.