We are arguably the most international team of the race, four people from four different countries with six different nationalities. The only commonalities are our excitement about adventure and that both our cars are from Japan.

Gasoline in his veins ever since he had first been allowed to drive his father's Trabant at the age of 12, Andras has nevertheless decided to follow a serious career as a telecommunications engineer.

For many years the car passion has mainly surfaced during vacation, which always had to include some crazy driving experience like crossing the Peruvian Andes in a Hyundai van, drowning engines in the rivers of Iceland, or dune driving in the Rub Al Khali in southern Oman.

Having entered the Budapest-Bamako for the first time in Touring category in 2011 it was only a question of time until the desire to go again became unbearable.

The navigator of the 2011 team, able of getting lost and consequently regain the right way in every life situtation.

He got first driving experience at very young age (he does not remember) in Polski Fiat 125 turning the steering wheel while sitting on his fathers lap. First racing experience was in Fiat again. This time it was original Italian Fiat 850 with very sophisticated sport tuning: by far too small metal steering wheel.

After a couple of encounters with various objects around the roads he relatively quickly realized that the best way to go forward is to keep the car on the road. In recent years he gained capability of driving the car upside down on the continent called "Downunder".


This will be my first journey to Africa. Ready to join the team in rally adventure through African landscapes and tough terrains.

Famous driving experience started in Zastava 750 (so called Fica) continued in Yugo 45 and Yugo Florida. Real driving and navigation test is about to begin with a little help of two rally veterans (Michal and Andras).
Looking forward to meet African people and their culture.


Born on a lazy Sunday morning, the idea to get involved with and write about Budapest-Bamako: The Great African Run was an impulsive, spontaneous, wild idea that has become real... very real.

I am a 35 year old political operative originally from Southern California who seeks out and thrives on unstable adventure for the purpose of philanthropy, creative non-fiction writing assignments and the thrill of not knowing if “B” can be reached from “A.”

Previous adventures include an eight-week jaunt though South Africa and Swaziland studying wildlife management, sustainable farming, anti-poaching and ecology with Ecolife Expeditions, an organization affiliated with The University of Pretoria in South Africa.

In 2011, I purchased a 1985 VW Westfalia in Costa Rica and navigated “The Pineapple” through seven countries en route to Portland, Oregon, which produced a blog of questionable value. 

A special “thank you” to Andrew Szabo, the Budapest-Bamako founder who casually motivated me to join the adventure over coffee in Manhattan Beach, CA.